Why is the divorce rate rising?

An easy and fast divorce is a matter of fact these days. No one has to prove that one of the spouses has committed something that would justify a divorce – people just separate and solve all legal issues that come with it. However, until the 1950s there was no such thing as a no-fault divorce. One of the spouses must have committed adultery, cruelty or anything else that would prove the end of the marriage. The liberal laws we have today explain why it is so common to get a divorce. Up to a half of married Americans get a divorce at some point.
The law is not the only reason why we divorce. Emancipation of women made it improper to tolerate violence and pressure in the family. The times when women were fully dependent on their husbands have gone. A present-day American woman cannot afford such a shame of a toxic marriage. The common perception has also changed. Couples do not take a divorce as a dramatic failure but as a new stage of their life.

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