Why do we struggle with stress?

They say life is a struggle, and it is particularly true when applied to stress. Wherever we go, we come across things that distress us. Financial difficulties, demands of the workplace, needs of the family, unpredictable circumstances all prevent us from enjoying our life. Even more, they make us scared, embarrassed, or even ill. Every human has their “fight-or-flight” mechanism inherited from animal ancestors. But the mechanism has not adapted to the modern environment yet and it is easily triggered by every minor threat.
We struggle with stress mainly because we try to live an active life with work, family, and a better housing in it. We aim at a high quality of life, but ridiculously, it reduces with any other activity we take. Such simple things as a daily commute to work and back can be quite stressful, and then we have the entire working day with some daily choirs afterward. The only way to give up being constantly distressed is to become more indifferent and phlegmatic to everything that is happening.

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