Why do we have phobias?

Our environment makes us anxious every day triggering an irrational fear of certain objects or situations. The person afraid of blood, insects, or closed spaces can never explain why they are so frightened. After all, there is no objective threat for our brain to release so much cortisol. But what’s done is done, and there is no way to reverse panic in people with phobias.
Scientists believe a combination of environmental and genetic factors can be blamed for people developing phobias. We do not know which gene is responsible for the fear, but if one’s parents or grandparents have a history of anxiety disorders, the person is more likely to develop phobias. Coming through a traumatic experience will almost certainly give the person a phobia. Being bitten by a dog or a snake, the victim naturally becomes especially frightened by these animals.
People with phobias get even more anxious when they discover that they have no control over their fear. In fact, it is no good for anyone to face phobias one-on-one. A therapist may help person rethink their attitudes and overcome a ridiculous fear.

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